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Baby's Opposites

Baby shares an eventful day with her parents and big brother. Follow along as they visit buildings (big and small) and meets new people (some short, some tall). Up, down. Smile, frown. Opposites abound! This simple rhyming story is perfect for little learners discovering the world.

Kirkus Reviews says, “Toddlers will easily recognize and relate to this readable snapshot of a typical day’s activities. A sure winner for multiple readings day after day.”


Speech-language pathologist Jennifer Smith says, "I love the range of diversity in the people, settings, emotions and activities presented....Baby's Opposites belongs on bookshelves of young children, as well as early education teachers and speech-language therapists. I would love to give this book as a gift for a baby shower, holiday event, or birthday party."

The dedicatee approves
The dedicatee approves!