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Double Those Wheels

Illustrated by Steve Haskamp


"One lone wheel comes wobbling though. Double that wheel and you've got…two!" In this rhyming romp, a monkey sets off to make a special delivery by unicycle. Mishaps lead him to move on to a bicycle, car, trucks, car carrier, and finally a 64-wheel train, but he finally arrives at a birthday party in a hot air balloon.


"Whether admiring the ingenuity of the monkey, memorizing the snappy rhymes or mastering a new math concept, children will find this book a joy." —Publishers Weekly


"A young monkey illustrates the power of doubling in an ingenious early math title. Nicely delivered." —Kirkus Reviews


"Children who love vehicles will adore this book. The text is very simple, and the math lesson painless. A fun choice for storytimes." —School Library Journal