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Pirate Jack Gets Dressed

In this colorful yarrrn, jaunty Pirate Jack narrates as he puts on his pirate gear, piece by piece.


Kirkus said: "The rhyming text is spunky and humorous, filled with familiar pirate lingo…illustrations use bright, saturated colors and an oversized format that provides lots of room for amusing details in Jack's well-furnished stateroom aboard ship. A tiny mouse character with a teeny-tiny eye patch is hidden somewhere within each spread. Yer pirate-lovin' tender-aged readers will give Pirate Jack a thumbs-up…."


Pirate Jack Gets Dressed is on Shepherd.com's list of Best Children's Books for Perfectly Piratey Storytimes.

Pirate Jack party at the Book Loft
Pirate Jack party at the Book Loft