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Way Down Below Deep

Face a giant squid, look a fangtooth in its terrifying mouth, and meet a vampire squid that is not after blood. See tiny worms that munch on whale bones, and greet a grazing herd of sea cucumbers. The author has spun careful research into rollicking rhyme, and the illustrator has captured the mystery of this place and its creatures.

Booklist calls the information "consistently startling" and the illustrations "luminous….an eye-opening offering."


This book "introduces readers to a sector of animal science they may not have known about before. It shows them that we do not know all there is to know about our planet, and that there's always more to learn and more species to discover. In addition to being wowed by the unusual sea creatures that live in such challenging environments, this book also teaches children about ecology and the ecosystem of our oceans. It opens the door to possibilities of exciting science careers down the road."–www.smartbooksforsmartkids.com