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What in the World? Numbers in Nature


Discover nature by the numbers in this gorgeous, innovative counting book.


The natural world is full of sets of numbers: from birds' wings in twos and clover leaves in threes to deer hooves in fours and octopus arms in eights. This book uses playful rhyming text to explore these numerical sets in vibrant detail, ending with the stars in the sky—a number set too big to count!


"The numerical nature of nature forms the basis of this elegant rhymed counting book, which calls attention to orderly patterns all around us."–New York Times Book Review


"Textured, visually rich, and gracefully simple, this is a fine blend of informative poetry and illustration."–Kirkus Reviews


"Day's simple rhyming text encourages children to count natural phenomena. From one moon and sun to stars in "sets too big to count," her examples give viewers opportunities to hone their skills."–School Library Journal