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Book-related activities

Applesauce Story Time Kit

The story time kit provides a song, place mat and bib to color, and more.
The story time kit provides a song, place mat and bib to color, and more.

Not only does Applesauce is Fun to Wear make a "silly, rollicking" read aloud for baby and toddler story time, but it offers opportunities for remote or in-person healthy eating and art activities. From singing along to finger painting to healthy snacks to eating tips, here is a whole menu of delicious (sticky) hands-on activities for families created by Curious City.

Baby's Firsts Story Time Kit

Image of baby crawling in a circle
Look what this baby can do!

Share this "joyful, poetic celebration of tiny moments in babies' lives" (Kirkus Reviews) with a read aloud and early literacy engagement. The kit was a collaboration between the book's creators, Curious City, and librarian Meghan Day.

The kit contains:
— Read Aloud: Suggested Movements & Actions
— Marketing: Poster
— Decorations: Early Literacy Pennant Flags
— Activity: Party Hats
— Takeaway: Early Literacy Tips
— Takeaway: Log of Baby's Firsts


Download the kit from the Curious City website.


Pirate Jack with the parrot
Make a parrot for your shoulder

In the picture book Pirate Jack Gets Dressed (Beach Lane Books), readers are treated to a riot of color and a rollicking read aloud. The companion kit invites readers to talk, sing, and dress like a pirate (and carry a paper parrot home on their seafaring shoulders).

The kit contains:
— Marketing: Event poster and suggested calendar copy
— Preparation: Step-by-step suggestions
— Decorations: Pennants
— Activity: Tattoo Template
— Activity: "Talk Like a Pirate" Read Aloud Prompts
— Activity: Pirate Song
— Activity: Search & Perch Parrot Standee
— Craft: Pirate Bandana


Download the event kit from Curious City's website.

Hoorade Day!

Parade illustration with American flags
Color flag templates

Hosting a story time or a booth at a post-parade celebration? Want to make a parade right in your library, bookstore, or classroom? Hoorade! This picture book parades by all the attractions of a small-town celebration, but also features the imaginative play of one girl's own pretend parade.

Whether you will be pretending with readers at story time or helping them further enjoy a community parade day, these activities can help kids say "Hoorade!" to parades.

The kit contains:
— Poster and copy to share your event
— Suggested preparation
— Pennant decorations
— Customizable flag templates
— Drum and horn craft
— Ideas for making a ribbon dance


DOWNLOAD Hoorade Day! Event Kit on Curious City's website